Airasia CEO blog

I just found Airasia CEO Dato Sri Anthony Fernandes's blog :

"Hopefully everyone who reads this will look at it in the right spirit...positive spirit. Something all of us as Malaysians need a massive dose of."

"One of the key issues we face today is to stop great talent from leaving our wonderful country. A loss of even one talented Malaysian represents a drain on our great country."

"In this era of globalization, I hope that we can put our differences behind us and work as a united Malaysia to combat the many challenges thrown at us. "

"Let's look confidently together towards the future and strengthen our bonds as Malaysians to take our nation to greater heights."

Those are words from his blog. Pretty inspiring.......
But what happening now (referring to Ahmad Ismail's racist remark) shows that our country is still have long long way to go......
Anyway, I do believe that the future of our country will be better!!! (look in positive spirit)

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